Friday, May 20, 2011

Really Mom...there is!!!

Tyler: "Mom, there's a snake in the pool".
Me: "No there isn't. Hurry up and let the dog in Tyler, we are going to be late for swim lessons."
Tyler: "Really Mom, there is a snake out there."
Me: "Hurry Up!"
Emma: "Mommy, there REALLY is a snake out there by the pool."
Me: "Guys, it is just the pool vacuum. Now let's GO!"
Tyler: "Mom, Come here!"

Me: Oh My God--that IS a snake! GET IN THE HOUSE NOW!!!!!!!
Me: "Stay right here I am running next door to get Papa Steve!"

Papa Steve: "Oh...that's just a Bull snake, they are good. They keep the Rattle Snakes away."
Me: "Yeah. OK. But, it is A SNAKE and I need it GONE!!!!!!"

Critter check is in full swing at The Browns before kids get to go outside

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