Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What a difference a week makes

We have always said that the kids do stuff on their time table NOT ours. So I was pretty disappointed when Tyler informed me a few weeks ago that he was "not a fan" of the pool. It is so hot here and we are finally in a house with a pool again so I was going to make it my summer mission to make him "a fan" of the pool. It was looking like it was going to be impossible--- so much in fact that even after a week of lessons at the YMCA he still hadn't put his head under water.
But guess what!!!!
I am not sure what clicked this past week but I am proud to say that a miracle has occurred. We did another week of lessons at a private swim school near our home and just look at what happened during that week!!!!!

(yes...he is UNDER)

We are planning on doing two more weeks of lessons after we finish VBS this week. I can hardly wait to see what both Tyler and Emma are able to do by the end of the month!!

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