Monday, May 3, 2010

The Morash Visit

Finally......they made it back to Arizona. =)

Seriously, it has been awhile. So long in fact that Mason was in utero the last time he visited AZ and Emma wasn't even a dot on the horizon!
We did have to wait a long time for this visit, but it was well worth it!
Friday afternoon Dave, Corinne, Mason, and the new baby in utero rolled in to town and we spent the afternoon getting caught up. Mason was a HUGE fan of the dress up box in Tyler's room. I am pretty sure that Corinne and Dave will be hitting Target pretty hard during the after Halloween sale this year.
We cooked out burgers that evening and pretty much just let the kids run wild around here.=)
Saturday morning the three little hoodlums woke up at the crack of dawn. I am pretty sure that all inherited the LOUD Strohl voice because none of them speak---they all shout at each other. We were able to convince them to watch cartoons in our bed for a little while but that didn't last much past 6:15 am!
Marshall got us Starbucks AND cooked pancakes for breakfast---what a guy!!! After more dress up and playing with lots of toys we all got ready and went to Tyler's t-ball game. He did really well both batting and fielding that day. After the game we headed to the Foothills Mall where they were having some kind of community event with the Fire Department. They had fire trucks, helicopters, police dogs and more--it was perfect for the kids. Corinne brought her camera so you are going to have to wait for those pics to see how much fun they actually had!
we headed home for lunch and naps then spent some time out in the hot tub. Mason is a FISH!!! He has no fear--I wish he lived closer so he could help me get my kids more comfortable in the water.
We went out to dinner that evening and I am proud to say the kids did really well. They ate and were not at all embarrassing!=)
Sunday we again used the hot tub and watched Mason wear himself out swimming. Aunt Corinne got in a little extra girly time with Emma by painting her toes.
We all had such a great time and can hardly wait until our next visit to CA to see them again. We are hoping that they had a good enough time that they will consider adding a trip to Tucson as one of their annual events because we sure would like to have them back as soon as they can get here!
I will post more pictures as soon as Corinne gets them online (hint hint)=)


Corinne said...

How am I going to write a post after that one? I will just copy and paste - except for those fire pics! We had soooo much fun. If you guys can handle us again, we surely would love to make it an annual trip. I will do better at making sure we make it a priority. :) Love you all! If you can, send me those jpgs or link to photos, and I'll include them. You have the family shot, and I would like to get that framed for the house. :)

Tegan and Tage said...

Looks like such a fun visit! I have friends in Phoenix and we make an annual trip from Nor Cal to see them. I'm sure Corinne can swing an annual trip from So Cal. ;)