Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tyler turns 5!!!

Well what has seemed like the unending party has finally come to a close. Tyler celebrated his 5th birthday today. I swear it was yesterday when I was waking Marshall up at 4:30 a.m. to take me to the hospital. I can't believe all the monumental changes the past five years have brought to our family. We have two amazing children, we are finally settled in the home we hope to grow old in, Marshall is happy with his job and loving being his own boss, I am trying my best to become a domestic goddess (I struggle daily with this but I am still trying), and I think we have finally found a church home. Life is good.
Tyler really is an amazing young man. He has a smile that is going to help him get away with way more than he should in life, he is smart as a whip, and I gotta tell you-- I am seriously thinking he may just wind up being a left handed slugger that supports his mom and dad in retirement.=)
We had a great day today. This morning I went for a run and Marshall and the kids met me at the end for a Starbucks treat. We then went home and got cleaned up and went to church. After lunch and naps Tyler and Marshall headed to the driving range--where as you can see he was in his element.
When they got home Tyler got to open presents---a new two wheel scooter and a Nerf gun----I have tried to avoid guns but living in a neighborhood of ALL boys has caused me to cave to peer pressure!
After presents we went out to dinner-----yes we ate bean burritos!=)
It was a great day and Tyler told me he felt very special---that made my heart smile=)
Happy Birthday Pumpkin Head--you are my favorite boy in the world and I love you, love you, love you!!!!


Adoptive Momma said...

Aw happy birthday big boy!

Pauline Strohl said...

Happy belated birthday from your great aunt Pauline!

Mrs Garrett said...

So fun - what a great day!!

Nana said...

OH MY! How the time has flown! My FIRST Grandson is wonderful. I only wish I could watch him grow daily in person insted of pictures! Thank-you Sarah for being so faithful to record all these precious moments! I love you ALL!