Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Emma's Favorite Book

Emma LOVES to "read" her favorite books to us. I wanted to capture her sweet little voice on tape so I never forget it. If you can't understand her you can read the words to the book below.

Dust and dirt make a mess! Cinderella needs a brand new dress.
Clean and bright. Oh, what fun! This blue dress is the perfect one.
Jasmine must choose a skirt or a gown. her friend Rajah looks on with a frown.
Jasmine and Aladdin enjoy a starry night. Her green outfit is truly just right.
Belle is excited about the fancy feast! She gets ready for her date with the Beast.
Belle and the Beast share a night of romance. Her yellow gown is perfect for this dance.
Everyone sings in the wedding parade. King Triton sends off his little mermaid!
Ariel's wedding dress fits just right. Prince Eric thinks she looks lovely in white!
Sleeping Beauty has such a busy day! The fairies can help. They are on their way!
Music and menus. There is much to do. Should Aurora's dress be pink or dark blue?
The Prince arrives with his horse by his side. Snow White must dress for their royal ride.
It's chilly and windy. It feels like a storm. A blue and cape will keep Snow White warm.
Slip on the shoes. Fluff up the dress.
Put on the jewelry. Look your best.
Which one is your favorite dress?

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Nana said...

I am so blessed to have this Beautiful,smart,sweet,child for a granddaughter! Thank-you Sarah for being such a WONDERFUL MOM! I want to keep this forever! I have listened so many times to each of them,both Tyler and Emma:) I am so happy that you have captured them on video to revisit time after time!