Sunday, January 17, 2010

Where have we been? (by Marshall)

Why has my sweet saint like wife not been posting updates you might be asking? Well....I guess I have some explaining to do...

In the hours following the Fiesta Bowl a few weeks ago, I decided that it would be best for my friend Scott and I to jump a waist-high chain link fence instead of going around it. The jump went just fine, it was the landing that I failed to stick (not that his landing was much better than mine, but his result was much better). I wound up with a visit to the ER at Scottsdale Regional Hospital with both a dislocated and fractured ankle (looks like I may have torn something in my knee as well). The good folks in the ER at the hospital (whom could write a book on customer service - quite a nice group of people) got quite a kick out of both my story and Scott's attempt to pick up on very female employee in the ER. I wound up having surgery on the foot that evening where my orthopedic surgeon put a plate and ten screws in my ankle (just a little souvenir that stays to remind me of my failed decision making that night).
We were helped by a lot of friends and family over the past two weeks. Cindy Arino met Sarah on the way to Phoenix and she took the kids back to Tucson, Shelly Cordova kept the kids that day, and Marie flew over from San Diego and stayed for a few days so Sarah could stay with me in the hospital.

Katie had already had a planned trip out here so she was here from Thursday until Monday but my injury put a damper on some of the fun. She did however take some time during her visit to try to completely convert our children in to Eagle fans.

The good doctor prescribed 6-8 weeks of no pressure being put on my right foot (no driving for me - just lots of rides in the hatchback of Sarah's small SUV). We will also find out this Wednesday whether or not surgery will be required on the knee.

As you can guess, the whole family disrupted by my injury.
Tyler is missing wrestling with dad and Sarah now has three kids to take care of all day in addition to doing my usual chores of giving the kids their baths each night, taking out the trash and recycling, and such. She is not getting much down time so I will owe her big time when this is over! The only member of the family enjoying this is the Weiner Dog - she now has a permanent lap to lay on.
Here is a picture of how the foot looks now (may not be for the queasy stomachs out there):

We will keep you posted as we make progress toward a full recovery. Sarah will hopefully soon get back to more frequent blog posting. Go ahead and say a little prayer for her sanity....hopefully she will stay sane during this and not decide to hold a pillow down over my face!


Anna said...

Brian said he would have been in sooo much trouble...he's right. God bless Sarah, her wonderful friends and family. This was a hilarious post. I'm glad you're in good spirits and I hope you do not have to have surgery on your knee. Take care Browns!

The Mitchells

Nana said...

I really wish that I could be there sooner!! Sarah comes from hardy stock, and is doing GREAT!
I love you ALL.

Celesa Felix said...

Oh great... so it is true Marshall Brown they never grown up. Damn. Well Sarah it looks like you will be having a blast in Vegas without the old gimp. LOL I'm sure he will find his way getting there some how. Huh Marshal? Oh boy well in all seriousness get better. It looks very painful hopefully you recover fast.

Corinne @ The Splendid Stuff said...

Great post. Marshall should be a blogger tooo. :) xoxo