Monday, August 31, 2009

No more diapers!

No More Diapers!!!!!
We have been dry for days now! I am still reminding her to go every couple of hours but she has been doing AWESOME! She has been dry the past week or so in the morning so I think our days of shopping for Huggies are finally over! Now what should I spend that $30 a month on?


Nana said...

YEAH for EMMA!!! now she can wear her "Big Girl" panties!! These pics are GREAT.

Garrett Family said...

That is awesome - so exciting. I hope I get to post that soon too. We have been working - but not hard on it. She will go potty every time you put her there - but she is not really holding for long periods of time yet - so I'm just waiting for that to really start things - Maelynn was just a few months short of being 3 before we were in big girl panties all day and no accidents - great job Emma and Mommy!! You need to do a post of potty training tips!

Aunt Marie said...

Sarah...that is a pic to save! My, how our little girl is growing. Now you can add that 30$ to her rocking hairstylist!

Anna said...

Oh so jealous...I still have a year of Rogan being in diapers ahead of me. Scratch that, with boys it's at least two years ahead of me. Geesh, males always so darn difficult.

I'm just thankful I was able to get Brice potty trained before 4. Oh Brother it was a challenge!

Way to go Emma! Such a big girl!!

shelley said...

Way to go Emma!! It is so nice to not have any diapers in the house!!! Your pictures are adorable!!